Paige Krystal Wilcox: Intentional Storyteller

Also known as P. K. Wilcox, Paige Krystal Wilcox is an award-winning activist, compassionate author, and Intentional Storytelling Consultant.

Paige uses the Intentional Storytelling method to create compelling stories that counter unhealthy or unhelpful bias, tropes, and stereotypes in mainstream media.

Her unique skillset draws on formal education in film, television, and theatre acting, business, corporate training, and communications. These are enhanced by more than 15 years of experience with host presenting, panel moderation, inclusion proofreading, creative writing, and book publishing.

Paige has previously served as board member for Open Doors Youth Service, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting LGBTIQ youth. She also dedicated years to assisting LGBTIQ professionals through roles as Queensland State Director and Director of State Development with Out for Australia. Her combination of training design skills and lived experience have allowed her to help educate medical students, doctors, and other professionals.

When she’s not working, Paige enjoys spending quiet time with her partner at home and at nearby islands. She’s also on a mission to reclassify her pipedreams as achievable goals, including:

  • Telling her stories visually through Netflix, Paramount+, Amazon Studios, Disney+, Stan Originals, or Apple TV+;
  • Appearing as a guest on Q.I., The Drew Barrymore Show, and Achievement Hunter;
  • Discussing intentional storytelling on a variety of platforms across many industries; and
  • Cameo appearance in a Horror, Romantic Comedy, Action, and Science Fiction film.

There are currently a variety of ways to learn from Paige, to suit the resources you’re willing to invest.

Got less than 15 minutes?

In the TEDx talk below, Paige explores how she has used intentional storytelling as a tool to improve her own life.

Articles and Blog Posts

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Published Works

The are currently two of Paige’s books available for purchase.

My Life Most Memoirable and Before We Pulled The Trigger can both be ordered as a paperback through most online bookstores, or as an eBook on Kindle (free with Kindle Unlimited).

My Life Most Memoirable contains all 5 novellas from the original Memoirable series.

Before We Pulled The Trigger is an intersectional science fiction novel set in an isolated medical school.

My Life Most Memoirable
“I’m amazed. It’s as if I can actually hear Paige’s voice.”

“Paige opens up to us with a piercing honesty and wicked humour.”

“I am completely enthralled. The writing itself could not be more Paige if it were written in her own blood.”

“Paige writes with an intensity and authenticity that will have you gasping for breath as you join her on her journey.”

“An uplifting personal journey told in an irreverent, accessible, and humorous style that draws the reader in.”

Before We Pulled The Trigger
“Paige’s writing style is smooth like butter.”

Podcast, YouTube, and Guest Appearances

Paige has given her time and thoughts as a guest speaker, event host, panel moderator, and podcast guest. She also hosts the Listen More podcast.

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Books aside, Paige’s social advocacy has been in her free time, at her own expense.

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