Podcast and Video Appearances

Paige hosts a multi-series podcast that includes Listen More, unpacking with PAISAL, Surviving Life, and PAISAL: A True RomCom (feat. Jessal Rathod).

Use the search term “Paige Krystal Wilcox” to find it on YouTube or your favourite podcast platform.

Guest Appearances

Paige was interviewed by clinical psychologist Monique Mitchelson and clinical neuropsychologist Michelle Livock for The Neurodivergent Woman podcast. In the episode they discuss the power of stories as a communication tool and the importance of representation in media. Paige also shares her method for creating complex and diverse characters, as well as the personal strengths and challenges that have come from her neurodivergences and life experiences.

Paige was interviewed by Luke “Cookie” Cook on Cuppa of Life Virtual Café (@cuppaoflifecafe). You can view a 1 minute snippet, 9 minute highlight reel, or view the session Takeaway Menu.

Prema Menon interviewed Paige on the What Can We Do? podcast to find out why she got started in Intentional Storytelling, the challenges she initially faced, and what she has learnt through her journey so far.

Gomathi Siva Sankaran of The Guiding Light Art Company in Denmark interviewed Paige for an episode of her Change Management series.

Matthew Holman of Simpla Mental Health Training in England interviewed Paige for the Matt Holman Talks Mental Health podcast.

Paige featured in an episode of Your Pharmacy Career Podcast with Paramedic and Pharmacist Michael Minter (interviewed by Allie Xu).

Paige offered brief insight into her motivation for volunteering with Out for Australia, a not-for-profit organisation with a professional mentoring focus for LGBTIQ people.

Coming Soon

Check back soon for links to recent interviews with Paige by:

Paige developed an intentional storytelling webinar for The Content Wrangler (January, 2021). She is also planning to join Chris Angel Murphy for an episode of Allyship is a Verb.

If you have a YouTube channel or Podcast that could benefit from Paige’s perspective, you may book a time through Calendly or express interest through LinkedIn.

Books aside, Paige’s social advocacy has been in her free time, at her own expense.

You can show your support for her continued volunteer work by becoming a Patron!

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