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The are currently two of Paige’s books available for purchase.

My Life Most Memoirable and Before We Pulled The Trigger can both be ordered as a paperback through most online bookstores, or as an eBook on Kindle (free with Kindle Unlimited).

My Life Most Memoirable contains all 5 novellas from the original Memoirable series.

Before We Pulled The Trigger is an intersectional science fiction novel set in an isolated medical school.

My Life Most Memoirable
“I’m amazed. It’s as if I can actually hear Paige’s voice.”
Before We Pulled The Trigger
“Paige’s writing style is smooth like butter.”

“Paige opens up to us with a piercing honesty and wicked humour.”

“I am completely enthralled. The writing itself could not be more Paige if it were written in her own blood.”

“Paige writes with an intensity and authenticity that will have you gasping for breath as you join her on her journey.”

“An uplifting personal journey told in an irreverent, accessible, and humorous style that draws the reader in.”

Paige has also written extensively about…

Books aside, Paige’s social advocacy has been in her free time, at her own expense.

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